Music has always been a passion for me. I first started experimenting with music from a young age, learning from ear and trying to play songs I'd here on the radio and TV. My grandparents had a small keyboard I would play any chance I got. Eventually, I ended up taking piano lessons so I could learn to read and write music. During this time, I first started composing - both for piano and electronic music on my computer.

Being a visual artist, I've always been interested in the combination of music and visuals. One of my favorite films is Disney's Fantasia. As a child, I would marvel for hours at the seamless integration of color and motion set to the powerful beauty and a full symphony orchestra. It's this synesthetic quality that I've always strived to include in all my musical endeavors.



This is one of several pieces I've been working on for an ongoing multimedia project called Papermoths. I'm planning on incorporating it into a future "visual album" combining video, animation and music.


In 2013, I worked with my friend Amy Johnson to compose music for a ten minute dance entitled MADMAN. I worked closely with Amy, and we drew much of our inspiration from the Futurist Movement of the early 20th century. More information can be found about this piece on Amy's website here.


(Excerpt - 2013)
Machines was part of a 40-minute ambient work I composed for performance art piece entitled The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts. The live performance involved the construction of a human-powered, mechanical machine that could generate its own electricity. As the performers built the machine on-stage, the energy generated power for the stage lights and an antique radio in which the music played from.

Tethered Apparitions

(Excerpt - 2011)
In 2011, I worked with Coriolis Dance to compose music for a 20-minute ballet piece. It was my first time working with composing and arranging for a full orchestral work. The music was based on a previous work I had composed with Coriolis for string quartet, but expanded and fully orchestrated.